Since 1996

For more than 25 years Daily Grind has supplied and supported South Australian Skaters. 

We’re skaters and surfers to the core and whilst there’s the odd sprinkling of grey around the place these days, we remain as amped as ever to champion our wicked State and the riders within it.

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Televisi Star x DG

Check out the latest drop being put through its paces by our team riders Zack and Alex at City staple, Tarntanyangga and filmed by our resident video man Andy Dean.
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Back in the day

Over the last 25 years we’ve produced and collected a heap of content, and what we guess could now be referred to as memorabilia.

If you fancy a trip down memory lane, even just on the off chance you’ll catch an old photo of you and your mates, check out Dailys stories.

Along with old mags and photos we’ve also added a bit of a forum so we nerds can wax on and share stories about the good ol’ days…