Local SA surf spots

Local SA surf spots

Local SA surf spots

Daily Grind resident Surf expert Forbsey gives us an overview of Adelaide's local surf spots.

Mid Coast. Coastline Located Between Christies and Aldinga.

The “MID” is a small stretch of coastline on the fleureiu with a flurry of epic setups. Fun Beachies, and reef breaks.
Sounds Perfect right?? Just one catch SWELL!!
A difficult coast to forecast.., but if all the planets line up. You can find some real fun waves!!
Being a Metropolitan beach it can get crowded. but if you scour the coastline with eyes peeled, you can still find a fun peak with just your mates.

Surfing the Mid Coast

The South Coast. From Cape Jervis to Goolwa. 

The south coast is every Adelaide surfer's reliable go to for a surf most days of the year.
It has tons of options from Punchy beaches, Big wave dave locations, reefs, and also some of the fattest waves on the planet!
So whether you're going for the xxl big wave awards, or learning to stand up, it's got options for you.


4 hours from Adelaide. World class Reef, beach break set up... and everything in between. 
Perfect for a weekend strike mission but die hard core lords have been known to do a day trip if the conditions are right. Worth the drive but remember to respect the “usually” friendly locals!!