What size skateboard deck should you start with?

To begin, we recommend to base it off your shoe size.

Here’s a list showing the ideal board sizes for each shoe size. Shoes sizes are in men’s US sizing and deck width measurements are in inches.
Size 2 to 5 – 7” up to 7.5” board
Size 6 to 9 – 7.5” up to 8.25” board
Size 9 and up – 8.25” board and wider

For the little ones who have a shoe size of 1 or smaller, we recommend a mini board which are shorter than standard boards and are usually around 7” wide.

Another way of selecting the correct size is by considering the type of skateboarding you intend to do. Typically, more technical skaters who perform many flips, manuals and ledge tricks will skate boards between 7.75” and 8.25”. Skateboarders who prefer to skate big bowls, handrails and down big stairs will usually skate a board width of 8.25” or wider. Wider boards also work great for transportation as they provide a larger, more stable platform to stand and balance on.

TIP - There’s no exact science to give you the perfect size so don’t hesitate to have some fun and try out some different shapes and sizes. This is a guide to get you in the ball park of what size you would most likely prefer!