Friday Nights at Gilbert Street are back!

Well what a year we've had so far...
COVID threw a bit of a spanner in the works for our usual Friday night shenanigans at 100 Gilbert Street but if it has shown us anything: it's that everyone's a bit hungry for some cultural action. 

Up until last week this is what most nights at the shop looked like

Ghost town no more.... come get involved every Friday

Last Friday saw the return of Friday night jams on the ramp and we had a lovely bunch of friends, new and old, show up and have a go. 

We supplied refreshments and pizza's for the punters and they put on a show in return. Not a bad deal.

A few photos from the night are below. Come on down to Gilbert Street on Friday nights to get involved! 

We acknowledge the land we gather on is Kaurna land and pay respects to elders past and living. 

See you all soon! Love LBB + DG