Archer Keys

Shreds beyond his years, the Adelaide Hills youngster is known as a humble cool grom that shows no mercy on any ramp, bowl or park. Stoked to have Archer on the team and keen to watch him in the future!!

Age 13
Years skating: since age 5
Favourite spots: Churchies, Hallett Cove, Christie’s and at home 
Favourite food: tacos
Other Sports/Hobbies mountain biking, snowboarding
Music: B.I.G, lil uzi, iron maiden
Bucket list: I would love to go to Whistler and Camp Woodwood
Major gripes: getting snaked and people who leave their rubbish in the bottom of the bowl
Mentor: Shane Wallace and my Dad
Dinner guests: Grant Taylor and Jamie Thomas
Anyone you’d like to specifically thank? My parents for always supporting me and the Adelaide Skate Crew


Archer Keys | Daily Grind Team Rider