Ashton Crowley

Age: 11
Years Surfing/Skating: I caught my first wave at 5 and have been hooked ever since. 
Favourite Spot: I love surfing Cactus and locally, Seaford bowl.
Food: Skittles and spaghetti carbonara.
Other Sports/Hobbies: When I’m not in the water. I’m fishing, skating, at the bike jumps,basketball court or playing soccer.
Music: Well, mum has conditioned us into liking her punk playlists so I guess I’ll go with that!
Bucket List: I’d love to go to the Mentawai Islands.
Major Gripes: Snakes in the lineup, people that litter, my sisters finding my lolly stash...
Mentor: Clayton Howse
Dinner Guests: John John Florence, he’s my fav surfer.
Anyone you’d like to specifically thank: The team at Dailys, Craig Potgieter from Surfing SA, my family.

Insta: @ashton.cr0wley