Cam Thomas

Cam caught our attention with his powerfull brand of high speed tranny shredding. From Flaggies to West Beach and more recently Hallets, Cam powers through any terrain with style. Also an acomplished shredder in the brine. Cam likes to hit the road for adventures. loaded with surfboards, skates and a camera for happy snaps. We're stoked to have him onboard.

Age: 21 years
Years skating: 10 years
Favourite spot: Flaggys skatepark
Favourite wave: Out west of South Australia
Other hobbies: Road tripping and photography
Favourite music: Psychedelic rock at the moment
Bucket list: Travel some cool countries, tick off some more festivals
Major gripes: When crew are hassling in the water
Who’s your mentor: My brother Lachy, he’s always shown me good ways!
Who would you invite to a dinner party: Mum - she will probably get out her signature dance move the broken sprinkler lol
Anyone you’d like to thank: Family, friends and the dudes over at Daily’s for having me on this journey. Let the new year begin! 🤘🏽