Jack Bridges

Jacky B. The man the myth the legend. Destroys any park any time with his smooth tech brand of skating.
A long list of achievements in skateboarding and now he’s putting in the hours in the surf with good mate Nutty. You can find the pair hustling the busy line up of triggs on any given day doing some serious damage.
Jack likes nothing better than spending a friday night in our gilbert street store enjoying a 50S Shiraz Viognier with mates, and we love having him around.

Age: 32
Years skating: 22
Favourite spot: Temp Park on Wakefield St
Other hobbies: Surfing, photography & riding my bike.
Favourite music: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bowie, Tribe called Quest. Whatever suits the vibe.
Bucket list: Continue to travel & learn. Enjoy good food with people that make me laugh. Retire by the beach & surf off into the sunset. Simple pleasures.
Major gripes: The social media vortex, terrorists, flat tyres.
Who’s your mentor: Sendin’ Brendan (my dad)
Who would you invite to a dinner party: Few Shiraz’s in the backyard with the whole crew.
Anyone you’d like to thank: Family, friends, Romina & Daily Grind for the support.

Jack Bridges | Daily Grind Team