Matty Charles

Age: 24 (but yes, I look 17, before you say it)
Years skating: 16 years, 1st board at age 8, barely skated during 13-17 y/o (smh) solid 7 years back on the board now though, letsss goo
Favourite spot: Big W Gawler multi-story carpark (Iykyk)
Other hobbies: snowboarding, cooking, yoga, pilates, thrift shopping and up-cycling clothes.
Favourite music: hip hop, jazz rap and some disco for when im feeling funky
Bucket list: inverts, skydiving and back country snowboarding

Major gripes: Getting overwhelmed at a younger age about not "being the best" and neglecting my skating for a number of years due to this. It wasn't until I went snowboarding at an older age, that it made me realise just how enjoyable the process of learning new things could be. Ever since, I've been hooked on skating again and had a much healthier relationship with it. Now skating for both my own enjoyment and the mental health benefits this moving meditation provides, I've noticed a lot more progression over the last few years.

Who’s your mentor: Don't know about mentor but my sister is definitely my personal therapist haha.

Who would you invite to a dinner party: Seth Rogan, Snoop Dogg, Tyson Peterson, George Lucas.

Anyone you’d like to thank: my sister for wanting me to go swimming with the dolphins at SeaWorld with her, which resulted in Dad blackmailing me with my first pro board.

Matty Charles | Daily Grind Team