Damien Kelly aka Nutty

Nutty has been a part of the DG family since the start. He has been ripping for decades and it shows. One day you might be lucky enough to witness one of his majestic nollie tres.

Age: Possibly 37
Favourite wave: Anywhere with some mates.
Favourite park: Osbourne or Temp.
Favourite food: Can’t go past a parmy at the pub.
Other sports/hobbies: Guitar/music in general.
Music: Always Black Sabbath/Most Things Sad/Evil.
Major Gripes: Bad coffee, no toilet paper, snapping guitar strings.
Mentor: My wife, mum, dad, Ozzy Osbourne, Dailys. To infinity and beyond.
Dinner Guests: Iggy Pop and Shane Forbes would be a laugh.

Nutty | Daily Grind Skate Team