Patrick Brealey

If you catch Patty around, you’re more than certain to see him ripping with a big bag of tricks and a huge smile on his face. He never disappoints!

Age: 20
Years Skating: 12
Favourite Spot: anything with smooth run up
Favourite Food: good old zinga stacker
Other Hobbies: MMA, fishing, beer
Favourite Music: anything I can vibe too
Bucket List: learn as much cool shit as I can before I die
Major Gripes: Getting hurt trying a silly trick
Who’s your mentor: anyone from grove skate park they are the real Gs
Who would you invite to a dinner party: Joe Rogan , Israel Adesanya and any of the homies from grove or modbury skatepark
Anyone you like to thank: me mum of course and the ground for never getting softer... not

Patrick Brealey | Daily Grind Team Rider