Richard Moore

Rich is always pushing himself to the limit and never settles for less. His dedicated to push what blind and impaired people can do within the skate community and always brings the hype along with it.

Age: 33
Years Skating: on and off like 15?
Favourite Spot: Vic Sqr
Favourite Food: Japanese
Other Hobbies: cultivating the blindstylez whether it be in beat making or graff or wherever I find myself.
Favourite Music: Real East Coast Hip Hop (and jazz, jazz is all time)
Bucket List: get back to Japan before my sight diminishes to zero, Ollie temp gap before the end of the summer, perfect the liquid cane tao.
Major Gripes: the way people have evolved to treat the world and each other in such harsh ways - we only here for a second, why be beefin?
Who’s your mentor: honestly myself - I've learnt more about life, especially now as a blind person, relying solely on my own way. But shouts to all the homies! Y'all keep me grounded.
Who would you invite to a dinner party: The entire Wu Tang Clan, Kalis, Harold Hunter, Cannibal Ox and Alan Watts
Anyone you'd like to thank: First off big shouts to my mum - we battling blindness together. And a big shout to my girl Chloe, she's been there for every step of this process. Big ups to Sparkes at NB Numeric, Andy and the Last Exit fam, Casey - love you G, all the MLB homies, all the ADL homies, anyone I've skated with who hasn't made a big deal about my blindness and thanks to Daily's for putting my blind ass on the team! Bless up !
And a big shout to all the blind skaters out there, Dan and Justin, Nick Mullins, Anthony Ferraro, Johannes, Marcelo, Colton, Ryusei and anyone battling vision impairment or any other impairment who steps onto a board. Thank you skateboarding - this shit’s the best.

Richard Moore | Daily Grind Team Skater