Daily Grind has rolled with Adelaide's skaters since '96 and we continue to be Adelaide's foremost family owned skate and surf shop. 

We're focussed on supplying the best products in skate and surf, as well as providing the next gen with a nurturing environment to grow their skills.

Daily Grind Magazine | Xmas Edition | 1998

Our commitment to both sports and our State remains unwavering, our shops are staffed by riders, our teams are all locals and our range is packed with collaborations with mates and a couple madmen we can't shake.

We love our Shops and a majority of our customers, they inspire us to keep riding and sharing the feeling that only a rider knows.

Neither skateboarding or surfing has much future in a decimated environment, nothing does, something we’re acutely aware of and do our best to refrain from contributing too. We’re far from perfect but we’re busting our ass to try and get our intentions and abilities closer aligned.

We've pulled together a selected range of apparel and hardware for our online store which is probably not being updated as quickly as new drops arrive. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you can't find what you're looking for.