Our roots firmly in BMX . . .  Little Black Bike began in Adelaide in 2008 as the best place to go for quality select BMX products and to catch up on any local BMX related happenings. LBB had been an Adelaide institution for 11 years, today the offering is the same but, as of 2019, Little Black Bike proudly sits as part of Daily Grind. This name change was a no brainer as we now offer much more than BMX alone.

We love the Little Black Bike brand and the values it stands for, there's exciting things on the horizon for LBB so watch this space.

About the founder

Matt Hodgson

Matt Hodgson, Hodgie, Hodge, Hotch etc etc...

Matt has ridden ‘Freestyle BMX’ and Skated since he was a young lad and is still rolling in his late 40s. He started working in the bike industry at 15. Hodge is hands down the most knowledgable and best BMX mechanic in town. Ps. He’s a master wheel builder!


Ryan Lloyd

What do you say about Ryan Lloyd? Ryan is a TRUE LEGEND.


Shea Reddington

Shea, one half of the Murray Bridge  'Shreddington brothers', is the wildest guy on two wheels around at the moment. Just check his Insta link for proof  . . . 

Shea's Insta

Max Bowering

Max is the 'old guy' on our team, but still in his early 20's. His knowledge of Adelaide's streets is nearly as good as his knowledge of craft beers.

Max's Insta