Ryan Lloyd


What do you say about Ryan Lloyd? Ryan is a TRUE LEGEND.

Shea Reddington

Shea, one half of the Murray Bridge  'Shreddington brothers', is the wildest guy on two wheels around at the moment. Just check his Insta link for proof  . . . 

Shea's Insta

Max Bowering

Max is the 'old guy' on our team, but still in his early 20's. His knowledge of Adelaide's streets is nearly as good as his knowledge of craft beers.

Max's Insta


Jack Bridges

The experienced guy.
Jack always dresses and skates real well. 

Bohdi Smith

Bodhi's skating ability is more like someone of double his age. If you've seen him skate you'd definitely know what we mean. 

Bohdi's Insta

Patrick Brealey

Patty's as comfortable skating switch as he is skating regular.
He's an all round nice guy.

Pat's Insta

Alex Grimley

The boss's son! Judge him for yourself. Alex is definitely a shredder, he loves the grind.

Alex's Insta

Archer Keys

Archer is from deep in the Adelaide Hills. No wonder he has progressed so quickly, his Dad and Brother both skate also.

Archer's Insta