Shane 'Forbsee' Forbes

Shane pretty much has salt water in his veins, if you've ever surfed the Mid he's probably dropped in on you at least once.
He enjoys romantic walks on the beach and a cheeky glass of McLaren Vale red.
"See ya in the SOUP." Forbsee

Jack Bridges

The experienced guy.
Jack always dresses and skates real well. 

James Grimley

James has been riding, skating and surfing most of his life and, in his own words, 'none of them I have mastered'. 
We reckon he's being a little harsh on himself there but regardless he's pretty good at keeping us all smiling around here.

Zack Lycos

Zack has been skating for over 10 years and has never looked back. Skateboarding has introduced Zack to all of his closest friends and a different outlook on life. The whole world has become his playground!

"I have been a part of Daily Grind ever since I started skating from buying my first boards to hanging out in the shop nerding out about the latest skate videos and products. It has always been a place to hang out, feel welcome and grab the best gear." Zack

Jack Stokes