DailyGrind has supplied and supported Adelaide's skaters since 96, from the first store in Myer Center on Runddle Mall. We're Adelaide's only skater owned and operated skate shop and right in CBD.
we moved around a bit and also expanded and consolidated some etc etc in the middle period.
DG and LBB joined force in 2019 and moved from Hindley St spot across town to 100 Gilbert St. At this time we relocated and upped the anti down at our Glenelg location also.

The Skate Crew

Jack Bridges

The experienced guy.
Jack always dresses and skates real well. 

Jack's Insta

Patrick Brealey

Patty's is as comfortable skating switch as he is skating regular.
He's an all round nice guy.

Patty's Insta

Connor Bacalso

Connor is a slappy king!
He's the shop skate nerd who changes his setup almost weekly.

Connors Insta


Bohdi Smith

Bodhi's skating ability is more like someone of double his age. If you've seen him skate you'd definitely know what we mean. 

Bohdi's insta

Alex Grimley

The boss's son! Judge him for yourself. Alex is definitely a shredder, he loves the grind.

Alex's Insta

Archer Keys

Archer is from deep in the Adelaide Hills. No wonder he has progressing so quickly, both his Dad and Brother both skate also.

Archer's Insta